Into the Wind
Between Three Worlds
I Am The Dragon


Darkness sweeping over the light
The wind violently pounding at the window
Shredding the beliefs long held steady
Tearing the heart that beats strongly within

The Loneliness, Terrible sadness, Overwellming
Welling up through the pit of darkness
A yearning for what seems impossible
Possibilities shattered by ignorance

Tears bid themselves to appear
Without reason this sadness
Loneliness forever
So Close, So many all around
But still alone

Hate, Anger, Strike out
An enemy unseen, A hatred unabated
Frustration, Depression, Unyielding
A life too precious to waste
Emotions to overwhelming to control
Loneliness Forever, Emptiness of reason,
My Heart sings for the impossible.

By Tim Dolan,  Jan 1996

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