Between Three Worlds
I Am The Dragon

Into the Wind

I look into the wind and see nothing
Streching the imagination as far as it can go
I look into the night and see a small point of light
that which I have spent my life searching for

A meaningless time within a void haunts my life
Seeking outwards I spend my days
Always missing something to be complete
I wonder when all of this will be clear

The future brings on a new day, bright with potential
I hope to find all questions answered someday
Optimisum is my favorite tool for living
Without at least that, I would have nothing

Love is what I miss most in life
A thing I need, A need unfilled
A most difficult concept to grasp is love
Lucky am I that I am not the only one

When I find what I need my life will be complete
Not at an end, but a beginning
Tomorrow will find the dream fufilled
Looking with another to see the wind

By Tim Dolan,  Mar 1995

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