Into the Wind
I Am The Dragon

Between Three Worlds

I exist between three worlds
Between The World of Darkness and The World of Light,
In a World of Battle for the Mind.
I am Alone and Not alone at the same time, 
Never quite existing in anyone else's world

The World of Darkness is the world of my Soul
I hide this world in discrete little pieces that can never quite be put together
It is a world of Vampires and Wraiths
It is a World of Gothic Pleasures and Sensual Pain
It is a world of Loneliness as if I am one apart
But it is what my Soul is made of and with which I would never part

The World of Light is the world of my Senses
In this World I revel in Friendship and new experiences
It is a world of Fairy Castles and Fantasies
It is a World of Dreams and plans for the future
It is a world of Happiness a joining of Spirits
It is all that my Senses can feel and all of the experiences I have known

The World of Battle is The world of Self
In this World I Battle for my Identity among many
It is a world of Reality and Manipulation
It is a World both frightening and Exciting 
It is a World of Choices made, a path chosen
It is my Self that I fight for in this world of battle and I hope never to lose

The intertwining of the three worlds is what makes me who I am
It causes me both Pain and Pleasure, both mental and physical
It is the World I live in and the world I believe in
It is the interaction of others which makes me who I will be and what I am
It is a defining of meaning and existence, never to be ignored
These worlds tear at me from all sides and then put me back together again
But I would not have it any other way.

Tim Dolan, May 1997

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