Into the Wind
Between Three Worlds

I am the Dragon

I am the Dragon in the guise of a man
Whose fury is terrifying in it's capacity for destruction. 
Held in check by the knowledge of what would happen if it were released in anger

I am the Eagle soaring over the land
Whose eyes see what others don't 
A vision of the future always seeking  new paths for me to follow

I am the Rat living in darkness
Seeing what others leave behind
In ignorance do I live and yet I seek the hope others might not find

I am the Terror of my own mind
Twisted into unspeakable paths
I fear the relationships people offer and yet even deeper do I fear the loneliness of solitude

I am the Watcher
Waiting for opportunities that may never come
My manipulations can change the world, if only I become what I desire to be

I am the Demon,
I rebel against the order
Tomorrow brings a new day as I work my will upon the universe.

 Tim Dolan, Aug 1997

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