Into the Wind
Between Three Worlds


The following was wrtten when I was 13 (in 1974), I remember it
was written over a period of about 6 months, whenever I was in
the mood for what was then deep comtimplative thought.
Although I have corrected a few spelling and some of the
grammetical mistakes, I have left it mostly intact as written.


Verse 1:
Man as yet a child crawls looking for life, as an adult he
fights for what he thinks is right, but man will he ever learn
to listen and to talk out his problems.

Verse 2:
Man knows that he must someday leave this planet of ours, but
does he know that like the phoenix he will die to live and enjoy
life as it is and not change it as it shouldn't be.

Verse 3:
Man who walks on four, then two and finally on three. When will
he ever learn to enjoy life that is there and become one with
nature and to do what is right and not what he thinks is right.

Verse 4:
Man He Shuts out nature, life and most of all love. When will
man learn the meaning of love and live his life fully.

Verse 5:
Man who pollutes the waters and fills the air with smog, when
will he learn to stop killing the animals.

Verse 6:
Man, is he so great that he can just take the world and make it
only his? No man can not and will not, for nature is stronger
then he and could wipe him out quickly if needed.

Verse 7:
Man is soon to be extinct unless he stops the wars and learns to
love and join nature as it really is only then will man live.

Verse 8:
Man can he conquer space, No! He may go deeper and deeper, but
he will never conquer the last frontiers until he conquers wars
on Earth and learns what peace really is.

Verse 9:
Man he is still learning although some of it is bad each
individual makes this world. He can hurt it or help it but he
shapes the world. I hope he will do nice things so that this
will be a nicer world.

Verse 10:
Man has different races, but they are all equal. Man has
different religions, but they are equal. The only difference is
that men think and look different, but without thoughts and
looks would we know one another.

Verse 11:
Man learns and learns and never stops learning, but one thing he
will never learn is why am I here and how far does space really
go. No one will ever learn this for there is no answer.

Verse 12:
Man is an adventurer. He will always be that way, because there
is no limit to space and man will explore space forever.

Verse 13:
Man is unlucky and he knows it. He came and will leave nothing
behind except superstitions which are not real but would seem
real if you were an unlucky person.

Verse 14:
Man he believs in God, but is god there. Something is up in the
unknown. You would find out if you asked yourself how did I get
here, did the planet start from nothing, was god just there. You
can never answer the questions, but it will help you find the
truth about life easier for god is there and this planet didn't
start from nothing god made it.

Verse 15:
Man can he love. Yes, but only if we wants to. Nothing can make
him love. You can tell him, but he will not listen, for man
makes love and he should love everything ugly or pretty.

Verse 16:
Man is rich with knowledge, He knows so very many things. When
will he use his knowledge. Maybe never, but he might and that is
whats important.

Verse 17:
Man, he is just a grain of sand in the galaxy, he is an atom in
the universe and man is just that much smaller without love.

Verse 18:
Man he is able to withstand the cold, the hot, stormy weather,
fire, flood, earthquake, volcano, and all the rest of nature,
but man cannot withstand himself, for he will fall down of his
own making.

Verse 19:
Man the murderer, the lover, the hater, the brain and the animal
can he survive this planet. He can if he loves and doesn't hate.
Uses his brain and not his braun and starts life not stops it.
If he does this he can survive.

Verse 20:
Man, will never know what love is.

Verse 21:
Man, how far back does he go. We may never know maybe 1 or 2
million years, maybe since time began. Is man on ther planets
that too is questionable, you can prove something is alive, but
you can not prove it isn't.

Verse 22:
Man will explore space someday when he stops wars and pollution.

Verse 23:
Now that man knows what war is why doesn't he explore space
peacefully and in freindship instead of in anger.

Verse 24:
Man may someday learn what is right; only then will he leave

 Tim Dolan, 1974

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